used photocopiers

Benefits of Used Photocopiers

used photocopiers

Regardless of their size, organizations across the world always try to cut down their operational costs. That’s why organizations prefer to purchase used photocopiers as they can work as good as new.

If your company needs photocopiers, there are a range of options available. When companies upgrade to a new copier, they sell their old machine. If these machines are maintained properly they can still work as good as new. Many businesses prefer to purchase used photocopiers at a fraction of the price of buying new.

Below are some benefits of used photocopiers:


Used photocopiers are available at low prices that many businesses use to achieve their business goals and save money. Stores keep them in good working condition therefore businesses are getting great benefits from used photocopiers.


A wide variety of brands are available at second hand photocopiers store. You can easily find them from different companies and sources. Xerox copiers and canon copiers are names of famous and quality copiers that are available at second hand photocopy stores.

Advanced features at low cost:

Businesses get more advantages at a fraction of the price of a new one by choosing used photocopiers from a reliable source. Second hand copiers of famous brands are available that can perform multiple functions along with photocopying such as scanning, printing and more.

If you want to purchase a photocopier for your business but unable to buy a new one due to low budget, then it is good to purchase a second hand copier for your business needs.

All machines are carefully cleaned and tested for its efficiency.  If any parts of it are found faulty, it is repaired to the highest of standards. In reconditioned copiers, the worn-out parts are replaced with new parts.

Environment friendly:

Some refurbished copiers come with a service warranty. They help to protect the environment due to their availability for reuse. In this way, life of the product increase otherwise they would be labeled as waste.

Multi-Functional Photocopiers:

Photocopiers that are made in last five years use digital technology and have multi functions. These machines have hard drive that stores any scanned document. Employees can scan copiers of documents and send them directly to their computer.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips For Used Copier Machines:

Cleaning the copier machines is a simple and easy task. There is no need of expensive cleaners or other cleaning appliances. Things that are required are the silicon oil, toner vacuum, cleaning paper and anti static fluid. Anti static fluid is used to clean the machine from outside. It can move the drum parts and clean them effectively. These are very important parts of machine as toner ink and the paper adhere to this part. Silicon oil is used to clean the fuser parts. The toner area can be cleaned by the toner vacuum.

It is important to choose a reliable source to get quality used photocopiers. We offer a wide variety of used photocopiers in Malaysia. You can get quality used copiers in good working condition at this source.

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Choose the Right Photocopier for Your Business

used photocopiers

Photocopiers are essential for every small or large business to complete everyday functions of an office. The range of options is vast when it comes to choosing a photocopier for your office. Assessing your needs is the key in order to choose the right photocopier for your small or large business. The volume and type of copies you need will ultimately determine the type of machine best suited to your office.

You should keep following things in mind in order to choose right used photocopiers for your office:

  1. How many copies will you need to make on a monthly basis?
  2. Will you need both colour and black & white copies?
  3. Which copy size you want to make?
  4. Do you need additional functions such as image editing or double sided printing?
  5. Do you need photocopiers that can also have function of scanning or doing fax?

Photocopiers are able to perform various functions that include making copies of documents, resizing the layout of the document, enlarging or reducing a picture, and more. They also have the option to alter the style of the copy you are making. A lot of photocopiers also have scanning and faxing documents. Therefore, photocopiers are extremely useful.

There is large number of actual photocopiers in the market that have different speeds, functions and prices. A photocopier that copies, scans and faxes saves a lot of money. New photocopiers are quite expensive and many SMEs cannot afford them. Therefore, most of the companies prefer used photocopiers because they can efficiently work without any compromise on quality. Their defective parts can be replaced with the new one. Companies are getting great benefits by purchasing used photocopiers for their business use.

Analog Copiers:
The analog photocopiers are the oldest photocopying machines and have been widely used till the advent of modern digital copiers. They are cheaper than all other photocopiers and are ideal to fulfill small photocopying needs as well as scanning the documents. One disadvantage of these photocopiers is that they photocopiers cannot make high quality images.

Digital Photocopiers:
Digital photocopiers are popular and commonly used in companies because it can reproduce high quality sharp pages and pictures. The digital copiers are easy to use, cost effective, require less maintenance and care, and can be used as multifunction copiers.

Multifunction Photocopiers:
A multifunction photocopying machine can do many functions at a time, including scanning, making copies, computer printing, and faxing. These photocopiers save a lot of space in your office because it does the job of four photocopying machines. These multifunction copiers are cost effective and if maintained properly can last for years.

If you are looking for used photocopiers for your organization, choose a reputable source. We offer a wide range of used photocopiers in Malaysia. If you want to get quality and durable used photocopier, contact us today.


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