Photocopy Machine Rental

Rent copier Ricoh/ Konica Minolta/ Fuji Xerox Machine.

  1. Cost Soaring
    • Control your print, user control print (which is able see repeat on what your printing)
  2. F.O.C service, Maintenance and Toner
    • Latest Technology to cover all the maintenance and repair.
    • Pay on your printing, which is charge by pages and will fully F.O.C of Maintenance, Spare Part and Toner.
  3. We cover range for small/ medium/ large enterprise of product, and will study client company case to provide suitable photocopy machine.
  4. We able provide backup machine (special case) for those high end user to ensure that photocopy machine is 24Hour on operating without any additional rental.
  5. Our service to assist on client:
    • User friendly machine which is suitable for client.
    • Low deposit (which is refundable).
    • I.T support for setup all the P.C (scan to email, scan to folder and print from P.C)
    • Affordable price (print colour)
    • On site services (Technical support on error machine)
    • Machine beyond repair, will F.O.C for swap machine
    • No additional cost for spare part, service and toner.
    • On line billing, which is customer able monitor the monthly billing.
    • Special Case – Technician weekly onsite support (with charges)

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