Used Ricoh Copiers

Ricoh copier is a high performance multi function system that offers printing, scanning and fax capabilities. It is an award winning machine that has all the features including, good performance, reliability, speed, image quality, finishing and color capabilities etc, that makes Ricoh Copiers an excellent option for any organization.

Businesses are realizing the advantages of the colored documents and therefore, Ricoh Copiers are in high demand.  A wide range of choices in speed and output volume of these photocopiers are available with extensive finishing capabilities. Therefore, it is advantageous to bring Ricoh copiers in your organization.

Quality Performance:

Ricoh copiers are of great quality that produces documents with 600 dpi resolution. They can also produce colored copies. There are many devices that can be added with the system according to the office needs.

Used Ricoh copiers have multifunctional capabilities and are in high demand because of good features and affordability. These are available with advanced features that are advantageous for office use. Companies and organizations prefer to use used Ricoh copiers because they function well in low cost. If any of their parts became faulty, they can be changed, as a result, used Ricoh copiers  function as good as new in low cost.


Used photocopiers possess many features that are a suitable solution for all small and large businesses’ photocopying and printing needs. Below are some features of Used Ricoh Copiers:

  1. Easy to use, full color LCD touch panel display
  2. Easy to replace toner cartridge
  3. Easy to grip paper tray handles
  4. Multiple security levels
  5. Two 500 sheet paper drawers
  6. Auto Duplex (2 sided copying)
  7. Auto Document Feeder
  8. Reduction and Enlargement 25% to 400%
  9. Print photos directly from a digital camera
  10. 600×600 dpi copy resolution
  11. 1 GB RAM system Memory
  12. Store and retrieve documents on-site with built-in Document Server
  13. It possesses an array of document management capabilities such as managing, sending/receiving files.
  14. Produce and distribute documents quickly and easily with the help of large, backlit control panel.
  15. It allows editing documents with the dates, page numbers or other data prior to filing or retrieving documents for printing.

Increase your printing capabilities:

Ricoh photocopiers give two controller options that you can use to meet the specific needs of your operation. It can handle common file formats with the embedded printer option.

A wide range of Ricoh Copiers are available at our store. Our stock of photocopiers has multifunctional system that produce colored prints as fast as in black and white. These are in good working condition.

We have maintenance team that check the quality of each photocopier and keep these machines in good working condition. If you want to get quality used Ricoh Copiers for your Organization, contact us today.