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How Businesses Can Get Benefit From Refurbished Ricoh Copiers?

Refurbished Ricoh copiers

If you are starting a new business or upgrading your office equipment, you may be in need of a photocopy machine. The cost of brand new copier is generally very inflated while used copy machines has approximately half price of the original price. Refurbished Ricoh copiers can work as good as new and no one can tell the difference between a new and used copier. In order to find the best copier, you should know the main features you want that may include paper capacity, copies per minute, color copiers etc.

Reputable companies sell machine in good working condition and with any worn parts replaced. Most machines have an internal copy counter that keeps track of the number of copies it has made in its lifetime.

Most used copiers actually come from top of the brands such as Ricoh and Canon copiers. Refurbished Ricoh copiers are famous in quality and you can save a lot of money by purchasing refurbished Ricoh copiers from a reputable store.

You can also find refurbished colored copiers, desktop copiers, and enterprise copiers that can make 100 copies per minute. Purchasing a certified used copier is a smart business decision. It will increase productivity and would not come with the elevated costs of a brand new photocopy machine.

The advantage of purchasing a refurbished Ricoh copier is the reduction of the wasteful dumping of perfectly serviceable machine. Refurbished Ricoh copiers are environmental friendly as they eliminate the need to purchase the raw materials needed to make a new copier. Therefore, it reduces the amount of carbon produced through manufacturing and shipping a new photocopier machine. Therefore, purchasing refurbished Ricoh copiers is a wise decision.

All printers and copiers have their own unique features that make the printing process easier. Ricoh is one of the best brands when it comes to printers and copiers. Refurbished Ricoh copiers can produce 135 sheets of paper per minute. It offers maximum productivity in the work area. Its scanning quality is 200 dpi. Ricoh copiers are reusable and its quality does not get tainted over time.

Get the most practical machine that allows employees to be as productive as possible. Small and large businesses are getting great benefit of saving money by getting Refurbished Ricoh copiers from reputable sellers.

There are many stores that offers used photocopiers all over the world. It is important to choose a reliable source. You can get recommendation from people or companies that are using used photocopiers to get the most suitable photocopier for your business.

We have a great collection of Ricoh copiers, canon copiers and photocopiers of other brands in which customers can choose their desired photocopier. All our copiers are in good working condition. You can check their features and functionality before purchasing them.

Check out our huge inventory of Ricoh copiers, canon copiers, refurbished copiers, black and white as well as colored copiers and choose the most suitable photocopier for your business today.

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The Best Approach of Buying Second Hand Photocopy Machine

second hand photocopy machine

In today’s business world, two things that need to be successful are saving money by cutting down on unnecessary spending and keep up with the latest trends in terms of technology. You might think how it is possible to cut down business spending while keep up with the high tech trends. The answer is simple. You can use machines in good working condition at discounted price. Second hand Photocopy machines are excessively used in large number of offices. They work as good as new because their faulty parts can be replaced with new one. Businesses are saving large amount of money by purchasing second hand photocopy machine for their office use along with fulfilling their business needs efficiently.

There are various brands that companies are purchasing from sellers of used machines. Canon is a famous brand that has good features, speed and efficiency. Second hand canon copiers are available at various stores. You can purchase second hand photocopy machine of canon as it is reliable. There are many other bands that work efficiently. Second hand photocopy machines have grown in popularity as they are cost effective and environmental friendly.

Check the Performance:

Before purchasing a photocopier, you can check the performance, color printing and other features. Check all features before buying a used machine in order to get an older machine in full operating order.

Consider the Age of the Machine:

Before buying a second hand photocopy machine, it is good to determine how long the product has been in use. Check that the essential parts of the photocopier have been replaced or serviced as needed. You should check cleaning blades, drums and the toner. Finding the Model numbers of photocopiers is a good way of finding the age of used copiers.

Check the Kind of Ink or Toner Used in the Copier:

It is important to consider the kind of ink or toner used in the copier. It is possible that you may be buying a copier whose toner or ink is no longer available in the market.

Refurbished copier:

Another type of copier is refurbished one. This type of copier has replaced parts and properly serviced, as a result, they can work efficiently. Make sure the refurbishment is done by someone reputable. Ask from the person you are buying the equipment about the refurbishment process to know whether the equipment is properly cleaned or not.

New features:

New models have additional features and are more environmental friendly. They have multiple functions in a single machine as a result; they occupy less space and provide efficient results.

A lot of second hand photocopy machine providers are available all across the globe. It is important to choose a reliable company. We also provide second hand photocopy machines at affordable cost. These are in good working condition. We have a stock of high quality branded used photocopiers. Many companies are using used photocopiers of our store and are getting great benefits from them. If you want to get quality products, contact us today.

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Benefits of Used Photocopiers

used photocopiers

Regardless of their size, organizations across the world always try to cut down their operational costs. That’s why organizations prefer to purchase used photocopiers as they can work as good as new.

If your company needs photocopiers, there are a range of options available. When companies upgrade to a new copier, they sell their old machine. If these machines are maintained properly they can still work as good as new. Many businesses prefer to purchase used photocopiers at a fraction of the price of buying new.

Below are some benefits of used photocopiers:


Used photocopiers are available at low prices that many businesses use to achieve their business goals and save money. Stores keep them in good working condition therefore businesses are getting great benefits from used photocopiers.


A wide variety of brands are available at second hand photocopiers store. You can easily find them from different companies and sources. Xerox copiers and canon copiers are names of famous and quality copiers that are available at second hand photocopy stores.

Advanced features at low cost:

Businesses get more advantages at a fraction of the price of a new one by choosing used photocopiers from a reliable source. Second hand copiers of famous brands are available that can perform multiple functions along with photocopying such as scanning, printing and more.

If you want to purchase a photocopier for your business but unable to buy a new one due to low budget, then it is good to purchase a second hand copier for your business needs.

All machines are carefully cleaned and tested for its efficiency.  If any parts of it are found faulty, it is repaired to the highest of standards. In reconditioned copiers, the worn-out parts are replaced with new parts.

Environment friendly:

Some refurbished copiers come with a service warranty. They help to protect the environment due to their availability for reuse. In this way, life of the product increase otherwise they would be labeled as waste.

Multi-Functional Photocopiers:

Photocopiers that are made in last five years use digital technology and have multi functions. These machines have hard drive that stores any scanned document. Employees can scan copiers of documents and send them directly to their computer.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips For Used Copier Machines:

Cleaning the copier machines is a simple and easy task. There is no need of expensive cleaners or other cleaning appliances. Things that are required are the silicon oil, toner vacuum, cleaning paper and anti static fluid. Anti static fluid is used to clean the machine from outside. It can move the drum parts and clean them effectively. These are very important parts of machine as toner ink and the paper adhere to this part. Silicon oil is used to clean the fuser parts. The toner area can be cleaned by the toner vacuum.

It is important to choose a reliable source to get quality used photocopiers. We offer a wide variety of used photocopiers in Malaysia. You can get quality used copiers in good working condition at this source.

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