Refurbished Ricoh copiers

If you are starting a new business or upgrading your office equipment, you may be in need of a photocopy machine. The cost of brand new copier is generally very inflated while used copy machines has approximately half price of the original price. Refurbished Ricoh copiers can work as good as new and no one can tell the difference between a new and used copier. In order to find the best copier, you should know the main features you want that may include paper capacity, copies per minute, color copiers etc.

Reputable companies sell machine in good working condition and with any worn parts replaced. Most machines have an internal copy counter that keeps track of the number of copies it has made in its lifetime.

Most used copiers actually come from top of the brands such as Ricoh and Canon copiers. Refurbished Ricoh copiers are famous in quality and you can save a lot of money by purchasing refurbished Ricoh copiers from a reputable store.

You can also find refurbished colored copiers, desktop copiers, and enterprise copiers that can make 100 copies per minute. Purchasing a certified used copier is a smart business decision. It will increase productivity and would not come with the elevated costs of a brand new photocopy machine.

The advantage of purchasing a refurbished Ricoh copier is the reduction of the wasteful dumping of perfectly serviceable machine. Refurbished Ricoh copiers are environmental friendly as they eliminate the need to purchase the raw materials needed to make a new copier. Therefore, it reduces the amount of carbon produced through manufacturing and shipping a new photocopier machine. Therefore, purchasing refurbished Ricoh copiers is a wise decision.

All printers and copiers have their own unique features that make the printing process easier. Ricoh is one of the best brands when it comes to printers and copiers. Refurbished Ricoh copiers can produce 135 sheets of paper per minute. It offers maximum productivity in the work area. Its scanning quality is 200 dpi. Ricoh copiers are reusable and its quality does not get tainted over time.

Get the most practical machine that allows employees to be as productive as possible. Small and large businesses are getting great benefit of saving money by getting Refurbished Ricoh copiers from reputable sellers.

There are many stores that offers used photocopiers all over the world. It is important to choose a reliable source. You can get recommendation from people or companies that are using used photocopiers to get the most suitable photocopier for your business.

We have a great collection of Ricoh copiers, canon copiers and photocopiers of other brands in which customers can choose their desired photocopier. All our copiers are in good working condition. You can check their features and functionality before purchasing them.

Check out our huge inventory of Ricoh copiers, canon copiers, refurbished copiers, black and white as well as colored copiers and choose the most suitable photocopier for your business today.